Nadroop has produced 50 dance ballets, each one, unique in its concept and presentation yet deriving its ethos from Kathak. These dance ballets have been performed across India at some of the most prestigious fora viz. Sawai Gandharva, Khajuraho Festival, Kala Ghoda Festival, Purana Qila Festival, Kathak Mahotsav and in countries like USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, UK, Malaysia et al.

Shama Bhate’s original perspective on Kathak allows her to choreograph abstract subjects and contemporary themes with equal ease. Guru Shama Bhate’s theoretical study of Kathak makes her a discerning critic and reviewer. Even as her dance remains strictly traditional, she is quick to explore the possibilities of innovative joint ventures. She has been doing collaborative productions with some of the top notch jazz ensembles of this world.

Presentations of Nadroop

Performance at the prestigious Chennai Tourism Festival of Indian Classical Dances, Mahabalipuram.
Performance in ‘Dinarang Smriti’- tribute to late Pt. Dinkarji Kaikini, Mumbai.
Performance at the Bhimsen Joshi Music Festival 2014, Hyderabad.
Performance at the prestigious ‘Khajuraho Festival’, Madhya Pradesh.
Performance at IUCAA, Pune at the `Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop’.
Lecture-demonstration at Corinthian Club
Duet Performance at ’11-12-13′, festival organised by Kirti Kala Mandir, Nashik.
Performance of ‘Kathak Infinite’ in Jalgaon
‘Peed Parayi Jaani Re’- a Kathak choreography on the life of Kasturba Gandhi performed at the National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai.
Performance at the ‘Panchatatva Festival’, Mumbai.
Performance at the prestigious Swarabhaskar Mahotsav, Pune.
Performance at Bangalore India Bio, Bangalore.
Performance at Nutra India Summit, Mumbai.
Performance at ‘Nrityotsav’, annual solo dance festival organised by Nalanda University, Mumbai.
Performance at the Inauguration of ‘Navratri Mahotsav’, 2012.
Performance at the ‘Maharshi Award’ Ceremony, 2012.
1st prize at the ‘Navratri Mahotsav’ – Classical Dance Competition won by the junior students of Nadroop.
Performance titled ‘Mridang Sankirtan’ with Taalyogi Pt. Sureshji Talwalkar – including the compositions of Mridanga Maestro Guru
Performance at the Nritya Guru Pournima for Taalyogi Pt. Sureshji Talwalkar.
Performance at the Annual Dance Festival at Max Mueller Bhavan,Pune.
Performance in the festival “Viraasat” at the Omkareshwar Temple, Pune.
Performance at the ‘Shaniwarwada Dance Festival’ 2012, Pune.
‘Nirakar-Sakar’ – Performance for the centenary celebration of SwarSaadhana Samiti, Pandharpur.
Performance at the prestigious ‘Kala Ghoda Festival’, Mumbai.
Performance at Uttar Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Jalgaon.
Performance at Indore titled ‘Anawarat’- tribute to late Guru Pt. Rohiniji Bhate.
Performance at ‘Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsava’ – tribute to the late maestro Pt. Bhimsenji Joshi titled ‘Nirakar- Sakar’.
1st Prize at ‘National Harmony 2011’ by the junior students of Nadroop.
Performance at Kathak Mahotsav, Jaipur, tribute to late Guru Pt. Rohiniji Bhate.
‘Nishabda-Bheda’ – choreography based on a French documentary ‘Le Monde du Silence’, Pune.
‘Yatra Naryastu Pujyante’ – choreography based on female foeticide, performed at Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, Delhi.
Performance at ‘Navratri Mahotsav’, Pune.
‘LayaSopan’- performance at Kaleidoscope Choreography festival, Pune.
Performance for Shivanand Sangeet Pratishthan, Dombivali.
Performance at Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune on International Dance Day.
Performance at Symbiosis Vishwa Bhavan for Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Pune.
‘Peed Parayi Jaani Re’- a Kathak choreography on the life of Kasturba Gandhi performed in Pune and at Mahindra United World College, Mulshi.
‘Peed Parayi Jaani Re’- a Kathak choreography on the life of Kasturba Gandhi for Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, Delhi.
‘Bhajan Trayee’ – performance on bhajans by SwaraBhaskara Lt. Pt. Bhimsenji Joshi as a tribute to the legendary singer at the inauguration of Bhimsen Joshi KalaDalan, Pune.
Performance for Lokmanya Charitable Trust
Performance at ‘Vasantotsav’ on music compositions by Trilokji Gurtu
‘Rhythm Collage – Celebration’, Pune.
Performance on International Women’s Day, Pune
Performance on International Dance Day, Nasik dedicated to late Bireshwarji Gautam.
Duet by students at the prestigious Sur Singar Samsad, Mumbai.
Performance at ‘Kalashram’-Mumbai.
Performance at ‘Kaivalyadham’, Lonavla
‘Parinati’- performance concluding the ‘Arghya’ series, dedicated to Kathak doyen Guru Rohini Bhate.
Hosted ‘Pt. Durgalal Festival’ in association with ‘Samved’, Mumbai at Pune featuring a performance by students of Nadroop , a solo presentation by Umaji Dogra and the screening of the film ‘Nirvana through dance-Pt. Durgalal’
Performance at the Gurupournima of Pt. Ramdas Palsule.
‘Peed Parayi Jaani Re’- a Kathak choreography on the life of Kasturba Gandhi for Gandhi National Memorial Society and Gandhi Bhavan.
Performance on poems of German poet Goethe for Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune.
Performance at ‘Ananya Festival’at the Purana Qila, Delhi.
Performance at the 61st anniversary celebration of noted classical vocalist Smt. Veena Sahastrabuddhe.
‘Arghya’ – performance at Kathak Mahotsava dedicated to Guru Pt. Rohini ji Bhate, organised by Kathak Kendra, Delhi.
Series of performances titled ‘Arghya’ at Pune, Nasik, Kolhapur Goa, Belgaum. ,Mumbai
Performance on invitation at Aurangabad.
Performance on invitation for the festival ‘Barkha’ at Bhopal.
Performance at the Bal Gandharva Mahotsava, Jalgaon.
Participation in Pt. Suresh ji Talwalkar’s production ‘Taal Yatra’, Delhi and Mumbai.
Performance on invitation at MSSI, Pune.
Duet by students at the prestigious Sur Singar Samsad, Mumbai.
Performance on invitation at YMCA, Pune.
Nishabda-Bheda, Mumbai.
Choreography named Unity in Diversity for CCERT scholars.
Samagra Roopak – Dwidal.
Unity in Diversity under the auspices of NDA, Pune.
Nadroop Annual Programme – Kathak by students.
Kathak Mahotsava, organized by Kathak Kendra Dehli in Pune.
Aundh Mahotsava, Aundh.
A choreographic presentation called ‘Unity in Diversity’ at ‘Kala Ghoda Festival’, Mumbai.
Unity in Diversity under the auspices of IIID, Mumbai chapter, Nehru Centre, Mumbai.
A group performance at ‘Goa Kala Academy’, September.
A group performance at YMCA, Pune, October.
A choreographic presentation ‘Nishabda-Bheda’ as a tribute to Oscar winning French documentary ‘Le Monde du Silence’.
A group performance at Vishrantwadi, Pune.
Nadroop Annual Programme – Kathak by students.
Participated in ‘Kala Ghoda Festival’, Mumbai, and February.
Participated in ‘Kalka-Bindadeen Mahotsava’ organized by Kathak Kendra, New Delhi.
‘Nad-Bindu’ – a production based on paintings of internationally renowned artiste S.H. Raza, February and April.
Performance in collaboration with Terrence Lewis dance company – a joint venture – Kathak and Contemporary dance – Kerela.
Participation in ‘Taal Maalaa’ – production by Pt. Sureshji Talwalkar, Pune.
Participation in ‘Taalyatra’ – production by Pt. Sureshji Talwalkar, Pune.
Performed in Pune Festival.
Choreographic presentation named ‘Layamantra Udghosh’, Latur.
A duet presentation named ‘Samvad’, based on dialogue between two dancers in terms of rhythm, design, concept, expression and spirit.
A musical presentation based on ‘Raga Kedar’ where rhythmic phrases were sung, revival of traditional presentation.
Reflections: A presentation of traditional Kathak in which the concept is to explore the various ‘reflections’. On a physical plane it may be the reflection of the mirror, or water, the echo of sound.
The Annual Programme of Nadroop was held where the students performed in three separate categories based of their level of proficiency. The finale of the evening was a performance by Smt. Shama Bhate.
Rhythm Collage – Encounter, under the auspices of Kathak Kendra, New Delhi.
Rhythm Collage – A collaborative work with Jazz musicians led by Helmut Schonleitner of AKKU, Austria.
French Poems: Kathak in subjective interpretation of a selective set of Baudelaire’s poems.
2001 – 2002
Rhythm Collage tour of a Maharashtra.
Lecture-demonstration by Smt. Yogini Gandhi, Pune.
Workshop and programme of Padmavibhushan Pt. Kelucharan Mohapatra in collaboration with Kalanidhi and Lalit Kala Kendra (Pune). (This was the first time the Odissi maestro performed in Pune).
Lecture-Demonstration by Smt. Maneesha Sathe, Pune.
Late Pt. Lachchu Maharaj Smriti Mahotsava in collaboration with South Central Zone Cultural Centre, Nagpur (A two day Kathak Dance Festival).
Krishnagaan: A choreography touching on those incidents in Lord Krishna’s life that creates within the viewers a mood of well being and a realization of God’s divinity.
Hori ke Rang: Different moods of Krishna-Radha, the Gopas and the Gopis of Brij during the popular festival of Holi, set to a variety of traditional Bandishes.
At the Threshold: under the auspices of Kalashram, New Delhi.
2000 – 2001
Organized a number of lecture-demonstrations by various dancers of repute with a view to spread and popularize Kathak, such as Smt. Damayanti Joshi (Mumbai), Smt. Prabha Marathe (Pune), Smt. Madhurita Sarang (Mumbai), Smt Uma Dogra (Mumbai), Shri. Bireshwar Gautam (Mumbai) and Shri Hemant Panwar (Mumbai).
Oraganised and conducted a seminar on Kathak Dance in association with Lalit Kala Kendra, Pune University, at Pune in April 2001. The speakers were Smt. Rohini Bhate, Smt. Prabha Marathe, Smt. Maya Rao, Smt. Madhurita Sarang and Smt. Uma Dogra.
Annual Programme by the students of Nadroop in June 2001.
1999 – 2000
‘Adishakti Bhagawati’ and ‘Durga Durgati Nashini’ – choreographed pieces in praise of Goddess Durga for the Navratri Festival. The music was inspired by the South Indian rhythm. the Yakshagaan and the Yavanika, traditionally used in the South was very innovatively used and combined with traditional Kathak. A total of 25 girls performed.
Nadroop Annual Programme – Perspective, Durgam Trinetram Bhaje –concert by Nadroop ’s junior students.
Nadroop Annual Programme – Kathak by students and Tabla solo by Pt. Suresh Talwalkar.
1995 -1996

Shanmasik Nadroop Samaroha – Six Programmes in six months:-

Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar – Vocal
Shri. Raja Kale (Vocal) and Pt. C.R. Vyas (Vocal)
Students of Smt. Shama Bhate (Kathak) and Smt. Ashwini Bhide (Vocal)
Ust. Shahid Pervez (Sitar) and Shri Sanjeev Abhyankar (Vocal)
Pt. Jasraj (Vocal)
Late Pt. Shanta Prasadji Smriti Samaroha (a three day programme of music)
Pt. Kumarlal
Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki (Vocal)
Ust. Shahid Pervez (Sitar)
Kathak recital by Shri. Deepak Maharaj